Colorado Log Home Maintenance
Log Home Finishing provides a log home maintenance and log home restoration service for Denver and Colorado Springs, Colorado and surrounding mountain log home cabin locations. We are specialists in stripping the old finish stain off your log home with walnut shell, corn cob, crushed glass, soda, or other types of media blasting for your log home cabin. Sashco, Sikkens, and Permachink are some of the best log home stains that we apply to finish and seal your log home. D-log style, sweedish cope and traditional round log homes all require log chinking or log home caulk to seal the log home. The cost of log home maintenance is cheaper than letting it go to the log home restoration phase. The goal of Log Home Finishing is to keep your log home on a log home maintenance schedule including re-coating of oil based and water based log home stain and log home chinking repair and chink maintenance for the cabin.

CONTACT Log Home Finishing to discuss your log home maintenance project. Log Home Finishing can repair a rotten log or replace a rotted log on your cabin. Chinking should last for many years but may require chinking repair or maintenance chinking. Log Home stain, even high quality and the best log home stain requires maintenance re-coat of the stain in order to protect and preserve the wood on the log home cabin.

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Permachink chinking
Sashco Log Jam
Transformation Stain
Sikkens Log and Siding
Media Blasting - Walnut Blasting - Glass Blasting - Cob Blasting

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